The Start of a Beautiful Friendship…Motivated by Unsavory Circumstances

The image above isn’t just from a beautiful New Mexico sunset. It’s the sun setting over my ski hill, which is engulfed in the flames of the Las Conchas fire. The “clouds” are really the smoke plume being blown North from the Jemez mountains. My name is Jeff Hylok, and  I’m an engineer (everyone: “Hi Jeff”Smilie: ;). Over the past several years, I’ve volunteered at my local ski hill, doing graphic design and shooting stock photos of ski races, mountain bike events, and even celebrations at the lodge. In that time, I hustled to learned how to visually present ideas, emotions, and connect with the viewer.  Lacking many of the tools of the craft, I turned to my available resources for help: books, workshops, other blogs, and my in-the-family mentors (it helps to have two in-laws who are designers). Over that time, I’ve learned many things which have translated into my appreciation of design, art, and even enhanced understanding of my own field. In the end, I’ve helped a cause I believe in, and I think am a better, fuller person because of it. Through the blog, I hope to pass-on some of my key experiences, inspirations, influences, and great stories behind my images.

This blog existed as an incoherent idea in my head for many, many moons. All it took was some upheaval in my daily life to realize how ephemeral tomorrow is, and that today is often the best, and possibly only time you know for sure what lies ahead.




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