Catching up with More Ski Hill Legends

2015 Skaggs Family-1

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area has a long tradition of volunteers in various capacities on the hill. In some cases, that tradition runs through generations. This is the case with the Skaggs family in spades. Bob and Barbara raised their family on the hill, served on the ski patrol, lead the patrol, and have been nationally recognized for their service. Now their daughter Kathy serves on the patrol, runs various patrol training, and is herself recognized by the National Ski Patrol.

2015 Skaggs Family-7

I’ve had a running project over the years, taking portraits of ski hill volunteers. It’s been a great opportunity to recognize their work, and hear their stories. Plus, I wear a permagrin the entire time I’m zipping around the mountain on the snowmobile, towing a sled full of photo gear. 

2015 Skaggs Family-2

2015 Skaggs Family-4

2015 Skaggs Family-6

2015 Skaggs Family-3

2015 Skaggs Family-5


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