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Gig Poster Inspiration

I love gig posters, and there’s all types out there these days. I talked about my favorite bulk poster sites when I blogged about the phoenix ski area poster (here). This past summer, I was lucky enough to experience the … Continue reading

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Working the Narrative

Every good image or design grabs your attention with a subject, color, maybe some witty copy. What keeps you on the page is some kind of connection, and that connection usually comes from a narrative. The story, implied or explicit, … Continue reading

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Lettin’ it Fly

Shooting Terrain Park Pics Spending a significant amount of time at a ski area means I have a ton of terrain park photography stock. The gigs are logistically pretty straightforward. The parks are usually small enough to walk around without … Continue reading

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The hill may own the snomobiles, but they belong to Boyd

Canon 7D, 16mm, F/4.5, 1/100 sec, ISO 100 I have an ongoing project, capturing photos of legends at Pajarito Mountain. Earlier, I wrote about my portrait shoot with Milt Gillespie. A close second on my list is Boyd Sherwood. Boyd’s … Continue reading

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If I may be so lucky…

Canon 7D, Tamron 10-24mm, ISO 100 14mm f/6.3 1/40 sec. Elinchrom Ranger w/29″ softbox high camera left. 580 EXII on the tree. With almost a half century of volunteer work at Pajarito Mountain, Milt Gillespie is a ski area institution. … Continue reading

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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship…Motivated by Unsavory Circumstances

The image above isn’t just from a beautiful New Mexico sunset. It’s the sun setting over my ski hill, which is engulfed in the flames of the Las Conchas fire. The “clouds” are really the smoke plume being blown North … Continue reading

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